Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Forbidden Past (1951).

My Forbidden Past(1951). Directed by Robert Stevenson. Cast: Robert Mitchum and Ava Gardner.

In New Orleans, aristocrat Barbara Beaurevelle, wants to join her fiancee, medical researcher Dr. Mark Lucas, on a South American ship. When her cousin Paul reminds her about her aunt Eula's heart condition and the pain that it would cause her, he talks Barbara into writing Mark a letter asking him to wait for her and promises to deliver it.

Two months later, on Halloween, Barbara waits for Mark's return and is heartbroken to find out that he has married another woman. Barbara goes to see Luther Toplady, a lawyer who has been trying to contact her about an inheritance her grandmother Carrie had left her. Because Carrie led an infamous life, Barbara's relation to her has been kept secret, and Barbara asks that Luther transfer the money to her without mention of Carrie's name. Barbara goes alone to a cemetery, which is filled with trick or treaters. There, Barbara sees Mark and Dean Cazzley, giving Mark's new wife Corinne a tour of the town. There she finds out that he never received her letter. Barbara then lights a candle at her notorious grandmother's grave.

Barbara visits Corinne at home to invite her to a ball. During the visit Corinne shows her true colors as a calculating social climber. While at the ball Corinne, is immediately attracted to Paul. Once alone with Mark, Barbara learns the truth about her letter and asks Mark to divorce Corinne and marry her. Although Mark kisses Barbara again, he turns her down. Angry, Barbara comes up with a plan to break up Mark's marriage by having Paul seduce his wife Corinne. Will Barbara's plans work to win back Mark?

I really like the films unexpected twist at the end. I would have liked the musical score, to enhance the mood of New Orleans more. But, I still think the movie is worth watching if you are a Robert Mitchum and Ava Gardner fan.

Janis Carter (October 10, 1913 — July 30, 1994). After attending Mather College in Cleveland, Ohio, Carter moved to New York wanting to start an opera career. Although unsuccessful in opera, she was working on Broadway where she was spotted on stage by Darryl F. Zanuck who signed her to a movie deal.

Carter, after moving to Hollywood, appeared in over 30 films beginning in 1941 for 20th Century Fox, MGM, Columbia, and RKO. She appeared in the films Night Editor (1946) and Framed (1947) with Glenn Ford and the Flying Leathernecks (1951) with John Wayne.

After leaving Los Angeles, Carter returned to New York and found work in television in comedies, dramas, and as hostess for the quiz show Feather Your Nest, opposite Bud Collyer.