Monday, April 5, 2010

The Black Swan(1942).

The Black Swan (1942). Swashbuckler film by Henry King. Based on a novel by Rafael Sabatini. Cast: Tyrone Power and Maureen O'Hara. It was nominated for three Academy Awards, and won one for Best Cinematography, Color.

After Pirate James Waring, is captured during a raid, Don Miguel puts him on the rack to get information about, Captain Henry Morgan. Who, Jamie says, is in England about to be hanged. Jamie, is soon rescued by his friend, Tommy Blue. Morgan comes in with the news that he has been made governor of Jamaica and has promised to maintain the peace between England and Spain. Morgan tells the men that if they lay down their weapons, they will receive a pardon and one hundred acres of land, but that if they do not, they will be punished. Captain Billy Leech and his partner Wogan, refuse to join and promise to take the Black Swan, to Maracaibo. Morgan takes Jamie and Tommy with him to Port Royal, where he is sworn in. Jamie attempts to sweep Margaret off her feet, but she says Roger Ingram is her fiancee. Unknown to Margaret, Ingram turns out to be a dirty rat and has given important information to Leech, about the English treasure. Leech takes over the ship and gives the captain's share to Ingram. Morgan sends Jamie after him, but Leech is able to escape and take over more English ships. When Jamie returns to Port Royal, Ingram says that he and Margaret will sail to England to take the news to the waiting king. Morgan orders Jamie to go after Leech. It looks as if he has joined up with the rebels and the men are set for a fight.

What a fun film. It has everything you could want in a adventure film, a handsome hero, a damsel in distress, bad guys, my favorite part of the film.. the sword fights and sea battles. I thought the film was a little too short..or maybe the ending was a little to abrupt in my opinion.

Fun Fact:
The ship in the picture was also used in the films That Hamilton Woman(1941), The Princess and the Pirate(1944) and Captain Kidd (1945).

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