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Wuthering Heights is Emily Brontës only novel. It was first published in 1847.
The name of the novel comes from the Yorkshire manor on the moors. (Wuthering means turbulent weather).Emily Bronte's, beloved classic was filmed in 1939. One of greatest years for motion pictures.

One night during a blizzard, Heathcliff has a visitor who turns out to be his new neighbor, Lockwood. Lockwood asks for someone to show him to the Grange, but instead Heathcliff allows him to stay the night. While trying to sleep, Lockwood hears a voice scream the name "Cathy" and feels an cold hand touch him. When Lockwood tells Heathcliff, he rushes outside, into the blizzard, calling Catherine's name. Not understanding Heathcliff's strange behavior, Lockwood asks Ellen Dean, the housekeeper, to tell him about Catherine. Ellen tells him the story, which began forty years ago....

One day, Cathy's kind father brings home an orphaned gypsy child, who is now to live with them. Cathy becomes quick friends with Heathcliff. Unfortunately, her brother Hindley will resent him his whole life. Heathcliff joins Cathy on a trip to Peniston Crag, where they pretend to be the king and queen in their make believe world.

After the the death of their father Mr. Earnshaw, Hindley takes control as the head of the household of Wuthering Heights and forces Heathcliff to labor under his cruel treatment. Heathcliff's only friends are, Ellen and Cathy. After spending a afternoon in their make believe world, Heathcliff and Cathy hear a dance taking place at the nearby Linton mansion. they decide to take a closer look when the Lintons' guard dogs, attack and injure Cathy.

While Cathy, who has been recuperating at the Linton estate, has fallen in love with the young Edgar, who can give her everything. Cathy and Edgar return to Wuthering Heights, they are surprised to see Heathcliff, who tells Cathy that he can not leave because he loves her. When Edgar insults Heathcliff, Cathy demands that Edgar leave the house.

One rainy night, Cathy tells Ellen that Edgar has proposed to her, and when Heathcliff overhears her say that marrying Heathcliff would demean her. He runs off before he hears her tell Ellen that she loves him, and feels that she and Heathcliff are one. Realizing that Heathcliff may have over heard her, Cathy runs after him in the rain. Cathy collapses and is found the next day by Edgar, who takes her to his estate. Soon after Cathy recovers from pneumonia she marries Edgar.

Many years pass, and Heathcliff, who disappeared on the night she became ill, returns to England a rich and distinguished gentleman, and secretly buys Wuthering Heights, by paying Hindley's debts. Heathcliff has come to claim Cathy's love, but she stops his advances. Heathcliff takes revenge on Cathy by marrying her sister in law, Isabela.

Will this unresolved passion eventually destroy them ?

Cast: Merle Oberson, Laurence Olivier, David Niven.

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LILLIE (1978)- Volume 1 Episode 2 : MRS. LANGTRY.

Volume 1 Episode 2 : MRS. LANGTRY.

Lillie discovers Edward is not the millionaire she first thought. When Lillie becomes ill with typhoid fever, she and the doctor come up with a plan to tell Edward she needs to travel to London for her recovery. Lillie glad to be in London, has to go back to Jersey after she receives a telegram informing her of the death of one of her brothers. While she is with her family in Jersey, Edward joins a London sports club, which takes up most of his time. Lillie starts going to parties to a huge reception from high society.

To be Continued....
Credit- Tara Howard for photographs and historical Images.

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LILLIE (1978)- Volume 1. Episode 1: EMILIE

Lillie (1978), TV series developed by David Butler for London Weekend Television. Starring Frances Annis, Anton Rodgers, Denis Lill, Peter Egan, John Castle.Based on the life of the infamous Lillie Langtry, a daring and independent woman, of the Victorian Age. Her beauty broke hearts and her behavior broke boundaries.
Volume 1. Episode 1: EMILIE

Emilie Charlotte Le Breton was born on the Island of Jersey. The only daughter of Rev. William Corbrt Le Breton. Becoming too wild for her governess, she was raised by her 6 brothers who also became in charge of her education. Because she was raised by her brothers she became a tom-boy, although over time developed into a beautiful woman. Lillie's mother decides to take her to London to expose her to society life, but she is too shy to socialize. When she returns home she falls in love with a local fisherman but her father forbids her to see him again. Her brother informs her of a family dark secret that ends her first romance. Heartbroken, she marries wealthy gentlemen, Edward Lantry the brother-in-law of her brother William's wife. One of the reasons she married him was that he owned a yacht, and she can finally escape from the Island.
To be Continued....
Credit- Tara Howard for photographs and historical Images.