Friday, October 16, 2009


Wives and Daughters(2002), is from the unfinished Victorian novel of Mrs. Elizabeth Gaskell. This wonderful Victorian soap opera, is full of romantic betrayals and secret marriages.
A wonderful romantic/comedy about a young girl Molly Gibson (Justine Waddell of "Mansfield Park,") and her father, a doctor (Bill Patterson). Their peace full lives are changed forever when Mr. Gibson marries the selfish, misguided Claire Fitzpatrick (Francesca Annis) and her daughter Cynthia (Keeley Hawes). A beautiful young woman, close to Molly in age, but the exact opposite from Molly's character . (Cynthia reminds me of a Marilyn Monroe of the Victorian age.)
The brothers Osborne (Tom Hollander) and Roger( Anthony Howell.) Hamley are the girls romantic interest in the story.The Hamleys come from old English family and the squire Hamley ( Michael Gambon) wants his sons to marry into "wealthy families." Molly falls for Roger and Roger falls for Cynthia. I also enjoyed the goodhearted Browning sisters, town gossip Mrs. Goodenough, mysterious Mr. Preston (Iain Glen) and the Cumnor family. Justine Waddell is wonderful as Molly and Michael Gambon and Francesca Annis are also wonderful in thier performances. The scenery, costumes are all beautiful. I loved/loved every moment of this film. Mrs. Gaskell, is now one of my favorite authors.


JazzGirl said...

Thanks for reviewing. This has been in my Amazon cue for the longest and I know that I just need to break down and buy it.

Dawn said...

JAZZ, These three DVDs are absolutely beautiful. The collection also has some very interesting information about Elizabeth Gaskell, the author of the novel. There is a also a wonderful documentary on the making of the film which is also very good.

RosieP said...

"WIVES AND DAUGHTERS" is a 1999 production, not a 2002 one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks RosieP.