Friday, November 6, 2009

LILLIE (1978)- Volume 1. Episode 1: EMILIE

Lillie (1978), TV series developed by David Butler for London Weekend Television. Starring Frances Annis, Anton Rodgers, Denis Lill, Peter Egan, John Castle.Based on the life of the infamous Lillie Langtry, a daring and independent woman, of the Victorian Age. Her beauty broke hearts and her behavior broke boundaries.
Volume 1. Episode 1: EMILIE

Emilie Charlotte Le Breton was born on the Island of Jersey. The only daughter of Rev. William Corbrt Le Breton. Becoming too wild for her governess, she was raised by her 6 brothers who also became in charge of her education. Because she was raised by her brothers she became a tom-boy, although over time developed into a beautiful woman. Lillie's mother decides to take her to London to expose her to society life, but she is too shy to socialize. When she returns home she falls in love with a local fisherman but her father forbids her to see him again. Her brother informs her of a family dark secret that ends her first romance. Heartbroken, she marries wealthy gentlemen, Edward Lantry the brother-in-law of her brother William's wife. One of the reasons she married him was that he owned a yacht, and she can finally escape from the Island.
To be Continued....
Credit- Tara Howard for photographs and historical Images.

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