Saturday, January 16, 2010


Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) film adaptation of the novel of the same name, produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment and Spyglass Entertainment and by Douglas Wick's Red Wagon Productions. Directer: Rob Marshall. Cast: Zhang Ziyi, Ken Watanabe, Gong Li, Michelle Yeoh, Youki Kudoh, and Suzuka Ohgo. Ohgo plays the younger Sayuri in the movie, which was filmed in southern and northern California and in several locations in Kyoto, including the Kiyomizu temple and the Fushimi Inari shrine. The film was nominated and won numerous awards, including nominations for six Academy Awards, and won three for: Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Costume Design.

Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) Is one of my top 5 "gotta see films". I love everything about it, the scenery, costumes, actors and story line of a young woman growing into a beautiful and accomplished geisha. The film, set in Japan During the Showa Era, tells the story of Chiyo Sakamoto who is sold by her parents work in a geisha house when she is nine years old. Chiyo is taken in by the owner of a geisha house, where she works to pay off her debt of ruining a beautiful silk kimono owned by a famous geisha, Mameha. Chiyo was forced into defacing the kimono by another geisha, Hatsumomo. One day the young Chiyo meets the Chairman, who buys her an cherry sorbet and gives her his handkerchief. Her spirit lifted by his act of kindness, Chiyo makes a promise to herself to become a geisha so that she may have a better life.

When Chiyo, becomes a young woman, she is taken under the wing of Mameha, head of a rival geisha house. Despite a vicious rival who nearly takes it all from her, the girl blossoms into beautiful and accomplished geisha Sayuri, Sayuri captivates the most powerful men, but is haunted by her secret love for one man.

This film is filled with suspense, romance and twists and turns..The music becomes a part of the movie, telling the story when there is no dialogue. The cast did a fabulous performance.


PurpleLion said...

This is an absolutely beautiful film. I never read the book, but the entire cast was phenomenal. The scenery, costumes, everything clicked for me.

Dawn said...

PurpleLion, The book is wonderful too.